Free Online Art Classes: Coming to an end for a new beginning …🎨💕

I want to say thank you for helping me create such fun and easy online art classes. I haven’t completed anything like this before and you made the process come together beautifully. I’ve learned so much about filming, editing, scheduling, collaborating and so much more! (BTW I will share this knowledge with you!)

Side notes: Creating the art classes gave me purpose during this time. I channeled the creativity into all areas of my life by learning to sew (again) to make face masks, baking, dancing and singing. This experience of teaching online has been wonderful and I appreciate every moment. And I do plan to explore it further.

In the meantime I’m getting back to my stocking up my Etsy shop and completing more paintings. Don’t worry I’ll keep you updated!

Thanks for supporting me and keeping me motivated…thank you!

To stay in my world I will continue to post videos online at my YouTube channel. The courses will stay up for now. You can find the playlist link to all classes below. Also if you were in the google classrooms thank you for joining and I will be closing the classrooms soon and starting new projects for you to enjoy! Thank you for participating!

Link to Playlist for Free Online Art Classes

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