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Lesson Two – Colors Tints Shades- Free Online Art Class for Kids Part 2

Hi everyone! Hope all is well with you! We’ve have just received news from our school district that classes will be out an additional two weeks due to the Coronavirus pandemic. So, if you need some art activities to explore today we are learning about tinting and shading colors. See the video clip from Lesson Two.

art classes, art videos, Blog

Lesson Two: Colors Tints & Shades

Hi everyone! As mentioned before Lesson Two will be posted today. (See 28 secs video for details) This class is geared toward our older students however, younger students are more than welcome to try this exercise out. I will upload this to my YouTube channel (at and add the assignment to the google classroom. Thanks and have wonderful day!

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Free Online Art Classes for Out of School Children

Hello everyone! There is so much happening at this moment in each of our lives with the Coronovirus pandemic. For me this means finding activities for my children to do while at home for the next four weeks. I’m offering free online art classes for our beautiful and creative children. The classes are geared towards school aged children and most materials will be items you can easily find at home or online. Please read this post for details.