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Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller

Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller was a pioneer for the Harlem Renaissance. In 1914, her sculpture Ethiopia Awakening is said to have been a prelude to the Harlem Renaissance and the New Negro Movement. Awakening African Americans to a piece of their history before slavery.

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Jacob Lawrence

Jacob Lawrence’s Great Migration Series is monumental for its time and now. I teach my students that the Great Migration Series is like a visual historical document. These paintings give you a sense of life for black people who decided to leave the southern states for work in larger cities in the north.

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Gloss for Paint

Gloss is a type of medium that can be mixed with different acrylic paint colors to give your matte paint a glossy-er look. Or you can add just a bit of color to the gloss for a varnish. Not all glosses are built for oils or acrylics so read the labels to make sure you get the right kind of gloss for your project.

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