Artist Spotlight: Yasmin Sayyed

The Black Woman is God exhibiting artist Yasmin Sayyed, “Complicated, lovely Sisters,” Acrylic on canvas. 2016.

Yasmin Sayyed hails from New York City of Cape Verdean and Caribbean heritage. Since early childhood, she has known that she wanted to be an artist, that she wanted to express the marvels of educating the intellect and psyche and being in relationship with the mysteries life, as well as, expressing those things that both illumine and hinder social justice. She says, to wear the honorific title of artist is to be in co-partnership with cosmological forces beyond her ability to express its magnificence in any other form than making art.

Yasmin Sayyed Sheet0001.JPG

Her art is deeply committed to expressing a beatific joy of indivisible connections, a cry against that which diminishes dignity and decency and a yearning for peace wedded to justice. Yasmin Sayyed studied art at a specialized art high school, and universities, and holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in art and art therapy and a doctorate in international and multicultural education. She has taught at the elementary, secondary, adult ed. and university levels, as well as, community based and public organizations.

Dr. Sayyed currently works as a consultant training social service providers and educators in the use of expressive arts with traumatised populations, deconstructing violence and issues of cultural responsiveness. She has exhibited her work in the SF bay area, Los Angeles, New York, Santa Monica, Hermosa Beach, North Tahoe, Nevada and in South Lake Tahoe, CA, where she lives and paints.


To learn more about Yasmin Sayeed order her book or ask your local librarian to order her book “Heart Visions: Painting with the splendor and elegance of spirit” at Amazon Link:  The information above is pulled from the biography information located on the Amazon author page.


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