8 Day One-On-One Kids Beginner Procreate

In this beginner course we will learn how to paint with Procreate using an iPad in one-on-one sessions.

I teach students step-by-step how to use the basic features for Procreate and help them get started in creating their own art works.

This is a beginner Procreate course, for students with no experience with Procreate. With step-by-step guidance on how to use the program. I encourage my students to ask questions. I want all my students to feel welcome, comfortable and ready to create digital art! I engage with students via zoom video chat and screen sharing (as I walk them through each step).

I share files with students before class so that they can have these files downloaded onto their iPad before class. Your student may need assistance from a parent/guardian downloading these files. All art files will be sent to the class page in time for class. If your student knows how to login to their Outschool account from their iPad and download files from the class page they should be fine. 

In order to participate in class students will need to download Procreate from the App Store, cost $9.99 and have an Apple Pencil or stylus pen compatible with your iPad.

Click here for class link.

If you do not see a class section or timeframe that fits with your schedule listed you can request a class by clicking on the “Show Alternative Times” link.

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