Poem: My Inner Spirit

So…sometimes I write. I thought about creating a whole other blog about it but that’s just too much for me at this time. Writing is a passion of mine. Sometimes my words make sense and sometimes they do not make sense. I literally just let the words flow and try to express myself as best as I can. You know….get the feeling.

As I continue my journey through life I find myself wanting to share more of my creative works with you. Like, share another side of my creative side. Anyways here is a feeling that came to me one night. I call it a poem but idk maybe it’s not. Basically it’s words expressing how I felt at this moment.

Will there be typos, grammar errors and things that seem outta place. Hell yes, but it’s my hope you read it and feel inspired to create your own thing. (Or just edit this for me in the comments. Make it better friends. LOL)

The poem below is about the first time I saw myself in the mirror. Thank you.

My Inner Spirit

I saw myself for the first time this day. I brushed my teeth with my cell phone in hand. Watching a Netflix show about a life I wanted to be. I glanced away from the screen and for the first time I saw me. I put down my phone and stopped brushing my teeth. I looked in the mirror wondering if that was truly me.

This amazing talented woman looked at me. With eyes that pierced through to my soul. For the first time I saw me.

I looked closer into the mirror and then tucked my neck back. I stood up straight and relaxed, so naturally. Before I was blind now I do really see.

This strong talented woman in the mirror was me.

I leaned in a little more and I stood in disbelief. Had she always been there? And she answered with a yes! Now you see me and I have always been there.

She had large arms and an athletic build, a beautiful face with a sensible smile. I recognized her as the spirit that carried me. She told me of my talents and that I’m almost there. On the cusp of a dream only she could imagine. She told me all is well and if I ever need her she is always there. 🙂

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