Let’s Welcome 2022!

I’m so ready to start this year. Thank you for following my blog and putting up with my spelling errors. LOL

The start of the year makes one year of teaching art online which I really enjoy. What started as volunteer work turned into a part-time teaching position doing what I love…learning about art and sharing this knowledge with others.

In 2021 I’ve joined two group art shows and met so many fellow artists. Luckily I was also able to support fellow artists as well. I’ve also gotten into blockchain technology and NFTs so that was completely unexpected.

This year has been full of many small steps, some of these steps made me anxious, some steps were filled with appreciation and joy. From these steps I learned to listen to my feelings and pay attention to my feelings. Let them guide me, in art and my life.

I do hope that your 2022 be filled with love and joy in whatever you decide to do. Appreciate those small steps because often times it’s the small steps that have the most impact in our life.

Have a healthy and safe New Year everyone!

Thank you for supporting my blog!


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