March & April Schedule

This month and next we will be reviewing the art app, Procreate. For students in my Procreate class I will share class topics here at my blog post as well as in the classroom.

If there are how-to videos or supplemental files for any course topics I will share them on the “Freeebies Art Page”

Photo by Nathan J Hilton on

For students who are new to Procreate you are welcome to join my blog and learn along with us. I will have a beginner Procreate course by summer for new users to learn this program.

For students ages 6-12 the playlist linked below will be helpful for you to learn how to use Procreate. There are four videos in the playlist to get you started with this program. These videos are beginner friendly.

Students who haven’t taken a Procreate class will find this tutorial helpful because they discover new tools.

If you do not have the Procreate app you will need to download it from the App store. Good luck and have fun!

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