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Dr. Samella Lewis – Artist & Art Historian

Samella Lewis, the first African American to earn a PHD in Fine Art and Art History, in creating published works about African American artists. She is my inspiration and one of many people who inspire me.

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Artist Spotlight: Ajuan Mance

Mance created 1001 Black Men: An Online Sketchbook as a reaction against the controlling images that have limited and defined media representations of Black men. Mance will use a slideshow of images from her series as the basis of a wide ranging discussion of art, Black maleness and gender performance, and representation.

Art Artist Ana Juan
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Illustrator Ana Juan

Taken from a place deep within the mind. I'm reminded of Frida Kahlo. I believe the artist's inspiration of Khalo is a homage. Straight forward yet complicated. Ana Juan has authored and illustrated comic books and children's books. Her art is exhibited all over the world.