Teacher by Day. Illustrator by Night. Introduction to the works of Artist Cindy Nzeakor Part One: Brief Description

Looking through Cindy Nzeakor’s drawings you will see pop culture references, anime styled figures and fashion illustrations. More notably the fashion shows influences of African patterned fabrics, waist beads, colorful hair and diverse skins tones. In the images below the figures each wear colorful and fashionable clothing. The drawing is completed with copic marker and colored pencil. Each of the figures have different hairstyles from blue Bantu knots, long pigtails to long loose curls. For those who don’t know, Bantu knots or hair sectioned, parted and pulled into knot-like bundles, is a hairstyle rooted in Africa created as a visual reminder of the origins of humanity. The illustration celebrates hair, skin and fashion as all the female figures pose together with their own unique style equally fashionable as the next figure.

In another image, also completed with copic marker, the figures appear to be of different ages. The deep color of their skin tones vary less. The figures wear stylish patterned dresses rooted in Somalian fashion.

The next image shows five fashionable figures posing for a picture. The difference between this image and the other two images is that all figures appear as close friends taking a picture. All images are described as fashion illustrations by the artist.

In some of Cindy Nzeakor’s works we see influences from Japaneses anime styled drawings to comic sketches and more notably the fashion illustrations that merge African fashion and hair with Japanese anime styled figures. Her drawings appear to have this sailor-moon-isque style with an African flare. The figures are playful, modern and fun.

In the next post I will write about illustrators with a similar style to Cindy Nzeakor. View more works by the artist please visit Instagram @kissesfrmcid. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more. Also, be sure to like, comment and share!

The images attached are not my own. No copyright intended. These images are courtesy of the artist, Cindy Nzeakor.


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