Photography by Nye Lyn Tho – Natural Hair

#TBT Throw back Thursday

I experienced The Black Woman is God exhibition this past weekend. There were over 60 artists who contributed to the exhibition. The conceptual images attached are by photographer Nye Lyn Tho. She is a photographer for commercial, portrait, editorial, food and product in the Bay Area of California.

When I first saw the images I could not stop staring at each and every detail. There is a soulful beauty captured within each image. I was captivated by the model’s youthful spirits elevated by the glory of their crown. The artist particularly matches each model with an elegant styled head top whether it be sage or collard greens. There is a spirit captured in each of these images that directs viewers to the African American soul and history of our hair. That spirit kept me staring at the images for as long as I did. There is a peace evoked from the models who wear these crowns. I too felt at peace.

You can find more about the artist at her website

No copyright intended. Images are courtesy of the artist. Please visit to artist site to purchase art works.

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