Photograph by Dalila Dynes

When I first glanced at this art piece it reminded me of fashion magazine advertisement, with a high gloss over the image and an alluring figure. I saw the image at an art exhibition last year in a black frame with glass covering it. The reflection of light bouncing off the glass caught my attention as I tried to examine the photograph closely. In this 24” x 20” photograph there are no designer clothes to sell or popular catch phrases to read and recite in your head, there is a silhouette of a woman standing off center outdoors during the twilight hours. The artist, Dalila Dynes titled the art work Silhouettes of being #3.

Silhouettes of being #3 by Dalila Dynes, Photograph

As a viewer I am directed to examine the left portion of the photograph since this is the direction the model faces. The entire composition of the photograph is balanced by the light and dark colors and soft hues of the twilight background even though silhouette of the model is slightly off center. There is a silhouette of a city-scape in the background and I can slightly make out the model’s expression as content, peaceful or in-thought.

This photograph is one of the few images that the artist created in this way which makes this art work even more interesting to me. The photograph was exhibited last year, 2017,  at the SOMArts in San Francisco in The Black Woman is God: Divine Revolution exhibition curated by Karen Seneferu and Melorra Green.

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