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Renee Cox – Artist & Photographer

Renee Cox continues to question society and the roles it gives to blacks and women with her elaborate scenarios and imaginative visuals that offend some and exhilarate others.[2]

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Photography by Nye Lyn Tho – Natural Hair

The conceptual images attached are by photographer Nye Lyn Tho. She is a photographer for commercial, portrait, editorial, food and product in the Bay Area of California. There is a spirit captured in each of these images that directs viewers to the African American soul and history of our hair.

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Feeling Captured: Affection by Photographer Quinton A. Kilgoe II

For those of you who see art and feel an emotion or see a belief…for those of you who sense or feel that figment of time capture from the imagination of the artist…I give you Affection, captured by the lens of Artist Quinton Kilgoe II hailing from Maryland.