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Celebrating Black Art History: Harlem Renaissance

Links for students provided. This month we reviewed artists from the Harlem Renaissance, like Lois Maillou Jones, Jacob Lawrence, Aaron Douglas, Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller, Augusta Savage, Archibald Motley and William H. Johnson.
For students who will continue their Harlem Renaissance studies I've included a list of all the posts from this month and a link to more blog posts about this art topic.

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Jacob Lawrence

Jacob Lawrence’s Great Migration Series is monumental for its time and now. I teach my students that the Great Migration Series is like a visual historical document. These paintings give you a sense of life for black people who decided to leave the southern states for work in larger cities in the north.

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Lois Mailou Jones

In order to gain recognition for her works Jones decided to pursue art. Some of her most famous artworks are of African masks. Eventually she incorporated textile-like designs and portraits of people she met during her travels as a U.S. Cultural Ambassador to Africa.

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