Teacher by Day. Illustrator by Night.  Introduction to the works of Artist Cindy Nzeakor Part Two: The Comparison

A few weeks back I started writing about the artworks of Cindy Nzeakor. I told you I would describe her art works, find contemporaries of a similar style and briefly discuss the artist.

I admit that in researching illustration my eyes have been opened to another form of artistic expression that I truly appreciate.

I found a few artists with the same exaggerated features, colorful patterns and cartoon-like forms that Nzeakor uses in her illustrations. Artist such as Gariba Gyimah and Naoki Takeuchi.

Artist Cindy Nzeakor
Image courtesy of the artist.

The artworks are not identical in their artistic styles but there are similarities that I have come to understand, while researching illustration, are a part of the illustrative art form in describing the personality of a characters with a creative human body form. Such as exaggerated facial features and limbs, or colorful hair.

art cindy nzeakor
Illustration by C. Nzeakor. Image courtesy of the artist.

I would like to mention that the artist is inspired by the anime character Sailor Moon, created by illustrator Naoko Takeuchi. There are references to the anime character when the artist hashtags her works on her Instagram page.

In Nzeakor ‘s works you can see anime styled eyes which are wide and exaggerated. You can also see colorful bright hair resting on large bobble-like heads giving the characters a youthful and playful look.


Artist, Cindy Nzeakor, combines contemporary pop fashion, current beauty standards and african patterned clothing and accessories to create these anime styled characters reminiscent of her friends and family.

I look forward to seeing more of her artworks. In the next post I will briefly discuss the artist. Check out the previous posts about her art works and other art you may be interested in. Please type Cindy Nzeakor into the search bar to view all entries for this artist.


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