Art History: Ernest Watson

I think it was summer when I first saw a painting by Ernest Watson. My brothers and I were staying with cousins in Texas, traveling from one cousins house to another, staying up all night watching movies and running through thick green grass under the piercing hot sun.

Every few minutes someone would run back into the house to grab a drink or snack. I can hear my great aunt telling us to close the front door so the cool air wouldn’t escape.

It was my turn to get snacks this time. While rushing through the living room I stopped by the kitchen door, something had caught my attention out of the corner of my eye.

I looked to see people with their arms stretched out and bodies appeared to swing to a joyful sound. Colors were working in harmony with each other and my eyes tried to take in every moment.

“Kelly-girl! Hurry up!”

I rush into the kitchen, grab our snacks and head to the front door taking another glance at the painting by Ernest Watson.

Many of my family have prints of his works in their home. His works are very nostalgic for me in that way, reminding me of those summers and being together with family.


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