Art & Police Brutality

To my Readers who are supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement and Anti-Racists movements: THANK YOU!

If you have not donated, you can here.

“The death of artist Michael Stewart, allegedly the result of police brutality, inspired Basquiat to create one of his most impactful works. The Death of Michael Stewart,” from 1983.
© Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat / Artestar

Thank you for listening to our voices and donating to our causes. The racial injustices I’ve personally experienced and witnessed are far too many.
I’m a mother of two young boys, I have two brothers and my father and I pray for them daily due to the hostility against black men in this nation. My prayers didn’t start when George Floyd was murdered, my prayers didn’t start when Trayvon Martin was murdered, or when Rodney King was brutally beaten…my prayers started when I was a very young child.

I listened as my mother and father explained to my older brother how to be safe outside when around police. They told him how to act and what to expect. So that he would survive. So that he would come home.

We lived on a Air Force base in Southern California at the time and before hearing this conversation I did not know my brother or father could be attacked or killed for being black.

I never want to have this conservation with my two sons.

However, this is the life of black people and the conversations we have. The traumas, the pain we experience, because of our skin color, on a daily basis.

Racism occurs not only during police stops, but in the classrooms from elementary to college, in your places of employment, your restaurants, your hospitals, in your shopping centers, in your neighborhoods, in your streets.

Systematic racism is everywhere and it’s damage is being exposed. For you to stand in solidarity with Black people and donate to our cause is a great first step to building up a new system of real racial equality and harmony.

You can donate to the Black Lives Matter movement or any Anti-Racists Causes. I’ve added a link below to contribute.

Black Lives Matter Donate

Black Lives Matter website and information

I want to thank you for supporting black people and our community with ACTION! – Kymberli Grant

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