Paint Pens for Pokémon Room Painting

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Paint pens, paint markers, paint in a tube whatever you call them… I tried these amazing pens out and I’m loving them.

In the pictures above this was an artwork requested by my son. I used paint pens, pencil, canvas and acrylic paint.

This is my first time using paint pens and I highly recommend it for outline work. It just makes everything looks cleaner. When I finished the artwork I really didn’t expect it to come out looking like it did. My son loved it!

Two important things I learned from this project, which will be repeated again later. #1 Paint down, gravity is your friend with paint pens. #2 Don’t forget to wait until the paint dries.

My mind kept thinking it’s like a marker and my timing for moving onto the next section of canvas was way off. It only took one hiccup but I’m telling you now so you don’t have any unintentional smudging mishaps.

First, I sketched the image onto canvas with a graphite pencil. Try to minimize erasing as best as you can. Marks left over from a poor eraser costs extra time to conceal later. Believe me, I know.

Second, I matched my colors and painted a few coats of acrylic paint onto my canvas. Made a few adjustments. I stayed within the lines as best as I could, waiting for each layer of paint to completely dry before I added another coat of paint. For this type of painting you will want rich vibrant colors, so layer up.

Third, outline. Use a black paint pen to outline your artwork. I needed to put my canvas on a flat surface to complete this task. (As you can see in one of the pictures above I’m on the floor.) It’s better because your pen will release the paint easier, due to gravity it will flow smoothly. This will allow for less paint pen pumping later. Odd to say but there will be pumping involved. Get ready.

Just be gentle and try not to press too hard onto the canvas surface. You don’t want any holes. (Unless that’s what you were going for. Idk it’s your art.)

Be strategic with your paint pen. It will smudge. Remember it’s paint and will take longer to dry than a regular marker/pen. With your outlining, especially if you have a lot to cover, start from the inside and work your way out.

I hope that in sharing a portion of my art process you get an idea about your future project. Get creative!

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*typing on the go, excuse any typos and errors, as just my silly little artsy mess -thanx Kymberli

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