Interior Home Art for Mom

This is a digital painting of squares and triangles. If you look closely the rows of houses are the same. In the Procreate program I just flipped them around and expanded the scale some to create the illusion of closeness. Did it work? Idk

As I painted I thought about our family trips through Munich. We would take day trips there from Spangdahlem AFB and travel through so many small towns with these old historic looking houses. I remember Oktoberfest with the smell of beer and roasted pigs. Cotton candy and kettle corn. The people were so inviting and friendly. Young children would stare at us, I could tell they had not seen people like us before. (American, ya kno…lol) It was an experience I wouldn’t change for the world.

For this art piece I really simplified the whole experience, from what I remembered to how the houses in those small towns actually looked.

As a child your experience and memories can differ from those actual real life moments. So I tried to capture that child like moment in the simple shapes and colors. I didn’t want to over complicate the memory and replicate it as hard work. I kept it happy and fun. Hopefully, light too.

I fixed the image into a frame at my mother’s home. Cropped. Slightly elongated. I wanted to see how the colors would compliment her interior space. Not sure yet if this work is meant for her space. She loves it, so that’s a good start.

Photo by Vertie Taylor, Oakcliff Cottage Interior

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