#TBT Cake Break

Can I just take a moment to acknowledge my cake business for a quick moment?

Ok, so before I started taking my “art” seriously I was actually diving head first into the cake business. Actually before I took a dive, I dipped my toe into the water to see if it was cold. Honey the water was way too cold for me! I bought a bunch of baking supplies. Took classes. Met some really talented wedding cake decorators. Professionally started baking cakes for customers in my first trimester and building up my clientele of two whole people. Then by my third trimester and a few months on bed rest I decided to put my cake baking to the side, for now. And it’s still “for now” because this is something I really do enjoy.

I would put baking delicious and pretty desserts into the edible art category. I did not think that my short time in the edible arts would have helped me in my visual art business but it did. In a way I would not have expected.

During this time I learned to just give the people what they want. They want something that looks good and taste good. This is what people will pay for. For me, I learned that it wasn’t about creating something that was overly artsy. People wanted to see some familiar, something they can identify. They also wanted to see it look really good and yes I’ll mention it again, taste good.

This translates to my acrylic art because I was always trying to do something different, at first. Then I realized that if I just did what people were familiar with, I could grab their attention a lot easier and quicker. That’s what I learned from baking cakes.

I knew that I wanted to get into the cake business but I wasn’t sure how. So I said let me just make a really pretty cake, take it to my job and hope that someone takes notice.

I made this small square vanilla cake with a tiffany blue fondant covering and a white fondant bow. I brought it to the office potluck and it was a hit. Not only did it look good but it tasted good. People started talking. I got their attention. Then I started getting requests, which I did some of them. But when I got my first cake order, I was so thrilled! Then I got another! I took classes, meet with amazing cake decorators and…I already mentioned this part.

Now as I write these words I’m still so inspired about my findings in this review. Even though I learned to start by making what is familiar to people, I didn’t actually take my own advice until years later, which is why I can talk about it now.

I hope this message finds you well and that you are encouraged to find the hidden gems within some of your own creative pursuits.

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