Buffer by Xavier Cha

Buffer Xavier Cha_BAM

I first read about a performance called Buffer by Xavier Cha at ArtNews.com which lead me to the Bam.org website where the performance is described as “our relationships with the bodies on our screens.”*

Buffer Xavier Cha_BAM

“Buffer” is derived from “buffering” which is preloading data into a reserved area of memory.** It’s the moment before an internet video or audio loads. Sometimes it can seem like forever if your connection is slow. Xavier Cha examines this moment in our relationships with each other via the internet.


In the clip attached you will see couples displaying intimacy in conversation and sexuality, contemporary dance movements by groups of individuals while someone sings an opera-like tune.

It’s really interesting to me, I had to share this with you.

Buffer Xavier Cha_BAM



[Disclaimer: The video clip in the link below is labeled “for adults”, just fyi.]

*Visit the site below for more information about Buffer by Xavier Cha.

**According to PC Magazine Encyclopedia at pcmag.com

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