Writing About Black Art – Comments on Taylor Renee Aldridge’s Article KEHINDE WILEY: A NEW REPUBLIC AMIDST DATED THOUGHT

Throwback Thursday Write-up

Tonight I discovered an art site dedicated to the critic of contemporary black art. Founder and co-creator of ARTS.BLACK, Taylor Renee Aldridge, art curator and critic, adds to the conversation of black art specifically from the perspective of someone understands the black experience. Some of my readers may not understand this and it is sometimes difficult to explain the black experience because it is an experience which is…let’s say…truly unique and extra-ordinary. Also, this is not to suggest that only black art critics can write about black art, by no means this is not where this write-up is headed. I would like to point out one instance of a white art critic misinterpreting the art work of a black artist with comments that are simply just wrong.

Taylor Renee Aldridge explains it very clearly and thoroughly in her article, KEHINDE WILEY: A NEW REPUBLIC AMIDST DATED THOUGHT.

The article is thought provoking and establishes the importance of adding to the conversation of contemporary black art as a black art critic. Taylor Renee Aldridge examines Kehinde Wiley’s art piece, Santos Dumont — The Father of Aviation II, and deconstructs comments made by a fellow white art critic who’s “remarks deeming Kehinde as a sexual predator are rooted in fear, and derive from a longstanding history of the myth of the predatory Black man that has been perpetuated for centuries by white Americans.”

Basically, Taylor Renee sets the record straight with the comments made by this particular art critic.

Taylor Renee reminds viewers to look deeper into the context of Kehinde Wiley’s work. She explains her own observation of the art piece within the context of the black experience and uses statistical information to back her claims, not ones rooted in fear.

“Certain images, like Kehinde’s creations, aid in diffusing white fear. We are constantly bombarded with negative images of Black men and women that perpetuate stereotypes of violent and hyper-sexualized African American caricatures. Kehinde’s works completely dissolve that myth, empowering African Americans, yet encouraging them to explore unorthodox narratives of sexuality, which is an extremely taboo subject among the Black American community. Entertainment and art have the power to encourage dialogue and ultimately influence the portrayal of Blacks in America authentically.” – excerpt from the article, KEHINDE WILEY: A NEW REPUBLIC AMIDST DATED THOUGHT by Taylor Renee Aldridge.

For the full article please visit ARTS.BLACK, or go to the link below.

There are many articles written by black art critics, events and topics about black art at the website, ARTS.BLACK. When I say I hit a gold mine of information on black art critics at this site, I mean it! There is a wealth of information at this site. Please visit ARTS.BLACK or http://arts.black/

Link: http://arts.black/2015/06/kehinde-wiley-a-new-republic-amidst-dated-thought/

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