Easy Candy Corn Pac-Man Acrylic Painting

While I was searching for ideas for my October art class I kept thinking, keep it simple and keep it fun. Easier said than done right?

Often times I think about my children when coming up with what to paint for these classes. They love video games and although I would like to do something Marvel inspired (which is still in the works) I just wanted to make something quick and easy. And then it hit me, Pac-man has ghost in it, that’s Halloween-ish and why not paint it in Candy Corn colors? So I did.

It’s was super easy to make, as you can see here in this video. I feel that you could definitely take it up a few notches. Anyways, if you decide to recreate this let me know in the comments. Also, there are plenty of cool Pac-Man art ideas on Pinterest too. Check these out on my board here or just Google Pac-Man art/paintings/drawings if your searching for inspiration.

Have a good night!

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