Eating A Healthy Diet During the Shelter-in-Place? Not Really.

This post is my….I’ve-got-to-do-better-so-I’m-telling-the-world-I-will-do-better post.

I have to admit during this shelter-in-place my diet has been so off the norm. Since the kids and hubby is home all day everyday it feels like I’m a on-call chef who caters to everyone else’s dietary needs except my own.

During this time it is extremely important to care for yourself and keep your immune system up and I have been lacking in this area. I know I’m not the only one, which is why I’m sharing this commitment with you.

Commitment: I will eat healthier and exercise daily.

I literally just threw whatever leafy greens I had into a bowl and said…let’s do this. It tasted okay.

While getting my diet on track I’m still cranking out art lessons at my YouTube channel Art & All Tings Love.

Also, I’ve ventured into baking and sewing. I’m still debating if I should make videos about it.

Anyways, what’s been keeping you busy?

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