Playing Chess

Years ago!…like yeeeeears ago! I was feeling some type of way about the whole idea of men and women’s relationships and dynamics. I felt like the young women around me mostly played the position of a pawn. And I saw it as a weakness.

As time went on my thoughts changed. We are all Queens. And all women should be treated as such.

As more and more time passed my thoughts about this painting changed again. When I felt like the victim in a relationship, the woman depicted in the painting became a pawn. When I felt powerful she became a queen. Over time my understanding of what I painted deepened from what it initially was (at the age of 15 years old).

The pawn in chess is considered the most vital piece in the game of chess. You play your pawns wrong and you could lose the game.

The queen is the most powerful chess piece. And if you do not understand her power, you could misuse it and lose the game.

The paintings’ interpretation continued to changed as I lived more life.

Fast forward to 2020 and what I realized is that the woman is neither a pawn or a queen. She is whatever position she wants to be. And what’s most important is that she plays in the game of life knowing her value.

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