Isis Goddess Art: Creation

Isis Creation, 2017-2018 by Kymberli Grant

This art piece uses acrylic paint, house paint, marker and newspaper. I really enjoy sharp angles and dots so I decided to incorporate this into the art piece.

The story for this piece includes Ancient Egyptian Religion and the Transatlantic Slave Trade. In a future Vlog I’ll explain more in depth but basically I combined these two topics using a reduction method of scrapping away the paint from the canvas of the surface.

It was my way of healing and trying to understand what seemed so distance. I literally only scratched the surface. I couldn’t tell you if it was my intent or not, I just let it flow. I paid attentional what my mind and hands were telling me and I allowed it to happen, not being concerned about what my peers would think or critics. I just healed and created something I felt okay with.

The art piece is called Isis Creation because of themes of death and duality associated with the goddess. Each time I see the art work more meaning is revealed to me.

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