Liverpool Win Sports Painting: Sadio Mané

I was commissioned to paint an image for Sadio Mané back in early May. This is my first sports themed painting. I was a little intimidated because I hadn’t completed a work like this before however it went over very well. Sports and athletic images became an interest to me.

I used a combination of acrylic paints and many washes to give it the look I was after, especially the background. It was my intention to focus the viewer on the athlete within the sports field setting using a cropped image. The alignment made me anxious, in a good way of course, now that I look back at the process.

Before painting on the 24 by 30 inches stretched canvas I created numerous preparation drawings. I started with quick sketches with my eye then I moved on to tracing the image directly from my tablet to creating a smaller image on canvas. I call it my lil’ painting.

As you can see here, in a video I created for my followers, at one point I trace directly from my tablet. The more you train your brain during the sketching process the easier and better the final product will be. I literally just put this video together without much thought into my look but I do offer some advice for tracing directly from a surface pro if you are interested. Took me forever to figure it out so hopefully it’s easier for you.

Weeks went into my studies. I needed to be comfortable with the proportions for the large canvas size. During this time I was also in physical rehabilitation so finding that comfort in painting again was amazing. It literally helped healed me…but that’s another story for another blog post.

Anyways the number of studies I completed surprised even me. I wanted to make sure things looked right for the viewer and for me. I knew the painting would be hung at a distance so I really had to think about all this. Below is one of the sketches, in the video on my wall you can see more sketches. It was easier for me to break up the painting into sections I felt comfortable with and tweak as necessary.

In my video I shared a few more helpful tips for getting started, especially if you need to get those proportions down.

I received the request in May and I finished and mailed it by July. Just in time for the Liverpool win. I didn’t know much about the championship happening at the time but it was fun to watch and learn. Also to have completed a project that took me into an unexplored painting theme was really exciting. I love it!

Painting in progress.

At the end of this process, what really matters is that my client was happy with their new art work. When I received a message from the client about how much their spouse enjoyed the art I felt so satisfied. It’s truly a joy filled moment for me. Thank you!

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Thank you again for your support and please follow my blog for more posts. Stay tuned for my Muhammad Ali painting.

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