Digital Art Studio: Procreate

This is a digital mash up using photography and paint. After years of my room mate telling me that “you need to try out this art program” and “get with the times” I finally decided to try Procreate.

Procreate is like mobile digital art studio made just for fine artist. I believe it’s for iPhone and iPad only at this time. (Idk but maybe) If you don’t have either Apple products you would need to check for a conversion tool. (I think)

Let me start by saying I prefer a canvas and acrylic paint however I really do enjoy using the computer to paint. All the techniques learned from one compliments the other and that’s a beautiful thing.

Testing 123 Using Procreate photo sketch.

Lately I’ve really only used Autodesk Sketchbookn and I have become really comfortable with it so that’s why I was really hesitant to learn another art program but I’m glad I did.

Even though Procreate has been on the market for some time it’s very new to me. I’m only a few weeks in. For some reason, to me it’s oddly similar to Autodesk Sketchbook and I’m so thankful for this because the learning curve is not as wide as I expected it to be. At least so far ia haven’t felt like it was just too much for me. If you were wondering if you should get try the program or not, I suggest you try it out. You’ll want to get a digital pen though.

I have completed a few sketches and it is really nice. I’ll share them with you as I complete them. You know me once I become comfortable with a program or art interest I try my best to share with you. Finger crossed I’ll share more for 2021!

BTW These programs work best with a digital pen. I got mine off Amazon but you can find these pens at just about any store that carries electronics.

Drawing digitally is great to pass time and it helps to quickly get an idea out there. I haven’t listed any creations from Procreate in my Etsy shop just yet. I want to get a little more comfortable with the program before doing so. But as always you know where to find my art creations on Etsy at

Thank you and please follow my blog for more art filled posts.

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