Lady in Green, Acrylic and Pexels, 2018-2021

Lady in Green, Acrylic and Pexels, 2018-2021
Kymberli Grant

I started this painting in 2018 when I lived in California. Since then I’ve worked on it, periodically, adding in different techniques I learned from other projects.

There were times I wasn’t motivated at all, to do anything. There were times when I would apply a technique hoping it would work itself out…it didn’t.

Once, this artwork went unchanged for close to a year. Each time I looked at it, I could feel how I wanted the overall mood of the painting to be but I couldn’t quite visualize its final look.

I continued to practice acrylic painting and expanded into other forms of art, digital art. The goal was to get better, just get a little better each time I painted. I started to teach art professionally and apply those skills into my tool kit.

The original painting is on a 16×20 stretched upcycled canvas. I wrote about my upcycle experiences here. The process of upcycling either started from me not wanting to go buy brand new canvases for practice projects or simply just wanting to upgrade a painting.

My husband introduced me to Procreate a few years back and it took me a few years to really love it. The learning curve for me was like trying to run a mile after not exercising the whole summer…DIFFICULT and mentally exhausting. Eventually I got through the learning curve to realize that digital art involves hurdles. Sometimes a technique is straight forward while other times you have to be able to extend yourself.

To get to my point this artwork, Lady in Green, is an “upcycling” project that combines acrylic painting with pexels.

This is my first hybrid acrylic and digital painting. It’s special to me.

This painting is symbolic of endurance. As a stay at home mom and small business owner trying to figure it out…this painting points me in a direction. I wouldn’t be able to tell you where it ends. I also wouldn’t be able to explain in words the feeling I get when I think about what these paintings could mean to women like me.

As I think of the women who taught me about beauty and loyalty to knowing who they truly are, I feel proud to be apart of their lineage.

I choose this painting to be listed as my first NFT because of the reasons I listed above. I have more paintings to share as NFTs, some even have more of an emotional value for me.

This painting is the beginning for me.

You can find this artwork on OpenSea here.

(Writing this on the go please excuse any errors. If you have questions please let me know.)

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