Archibald Motley Jr.

Archibald Motley Jr. painted detailed scenes of black night life in America during the 1930s and on. Many of his scenes are full of black people in both public spaces and intimate spaces. Check out a few of his artworks below.

What makes his artwork so special to me is that it helps me give me an idea of what night life was like during this time period, as seen from the perspective of a black artist. It reminds me of a snapshot of the moment, what he was experiencing and the mood of the space. The vibe.

Apparently our great-grandparents partied just as hard as we did. For sure they dressed to the nines. The nightlife and fashion of the 1920s and 30s fascinated Archibald Motley Jr. to create these beautiful images of black people.

You can find more of Archibald Motley Jr.’s artwork here.

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