Acrylic Painting Exercise- Kid on Sofa Playing Video Games

The inspiration for this painting exercise came from my three year old son. He heard me talking to myself as I was trying to figure out what to paint and my son told me to paint him. So I did.

While working on this painting it became very clear to me that “proportion” is definitely not my strongest skillset. As you can see in this video my three year old son has turned into a teenager in the painting.

I found it hilarious and each time I see the painting I smile because I really enjoyed the process. That’s what it’s really all about for me. Enjoying the moment and being present with the paint.

It was so much fun doing this painting exercise and there definitely was a lesson in it -Keep practicing lady!

Have you ever painted something that made you smile? Or laugh? Let me know in the comments below. Add a link to the image if you want, we would love to smile with you.

Have a wonderful day!

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