Kids Trunk or Treat

Our Elementary school’s Halloween Trunk or Treat was in threat of being cancelled so I volunteered along with many other parents and let me just say it was a very rewarding experience. I’ve volunteered at previous classroom events but not at any big kids events. At least that’s what my first grader referred to them as while he was in kindergarten, “big kids events.”

Now that’s he is a “big kid” and the opportunity presented itself, I signed up along with a few other neighbors and Trunk or Treat was a success. There were hundreds of trick or treaters and parents…at least it felt like hundreds to me…I know there were at least one hundred but you get my point. There were a lot of people.

This was our first year participating in a trunk or treat so I kept our theme simple. I grabbed a few packs of fake spider webs and a large spider from Hobby Lobby along with some items around the house and we made it work. My son helped to decorate and my husband handed out candy while I refilled candy and watched our youngest son.

Overall the experience was fun and I’m sensing our family will continue this new tradition. Also, I’ve made a video about the Kids Trunk or Treat here.

Thanks for reading and watching!

Video link here:

Supplies: Fake Spiderwebs, Large Spider, tape and scissors

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