Jamaican Textiles

I’ve always enjoyed looking at textile patterns and fabric designs. When I’m around a large amount of colorful designs and patterns I get this ecstatic feeling. I also feel extremely inspired to create something which is such a wonderful feeling. I try to visit a fabric store/textile shop when my creative juices are low. Maybe next time I’m there I’ll take a few pictures.

I wrote an article back in February for Black History Month about an artist who worked with textiles her name is Loïs Mailou Jones. Her work is amazing! Read the article for more art history.

I’m writing this blog because recently I posted about an Ikea pillow inspired acrylic painting. Initially, I thought the textile design had a tropical flare. The bold colors and arrangement of the design made me feel this way. It was the perfect spacing of colors and white. So I matched it with my island styled living decor, which is pretty straightforward.

However, after doing some research I found out that the design is not tropical but Finnish and it’s absolutely beautiful. Read this article for the rundown. I will be posting about Finnish textiles too. There’s so much to explore and write about, can’t wait!

Sincey mind went to tropical textiles I decided to explore that a little further. I love beaches, island life and more particular Jamaica (my husband and children are Jamaican) I thought why not learn about Jamaican textiles?

One quick Google search and I found this…

 “3 Generations of Textiles and Fiber Arts” brought together Kingston-based artists Margaret Stanley, Katrina Coombs and Miriam Hinds-Smith 

If you know alittle about me and ventured into my blog to see some of my post, this find is like really COOL! I will definitely post more about these artists but in the meantime, go check them out.

Here’s some links to their social media pages.

Margaret Stanley

Katrina Coombs

Miriam Hinds-Smith

Thanks again for reading! Please leave a comment and let me know of any textile artist you like! Or if your a textile artist let me know where to find you in the comments section!

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