Commercial Art Inspiration

I shared a painting video inspired by an Ikea pillow to my Instagram and people seemed pretty interested in it. My youngest son started preschool and for the first time in years, literally, I had an allotted amount of time to myself —GUILT FREE!

I knew instantly that I wanted to paint. To be honest I planned for this moment and my friend, it was soooo sweet. I painted! And painted! No interruptions!

Say what?!

Anyways, in all my excitement my brain got overloaded and I couldn’t figure out what to paint.

I’m asking myself…what to paint…what to paint? Argh!!! I stood still in my living room and looked around…there it was. The Ikea Sommaraster pillow that was cute to pass up. It’s a Finnish design but for some reason it reminds me of the tropics. See my living room below.

I was inspired by this design and I went on to paint. Here’s the time lapse video.

The design is actually by the artist, Emma Hagman. Here’s her Instagram. Her designs are so beautiful!

Hopefully I did an okay job. Have you ever been inspired by an Ikea design or commercial and created something for your home? Let me know if you have any pictures online in the comments section, so I can like and comment on yours! Happy creating!

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