Glass of Wine Acrylic Painting

My husband worked late last night so I had an extra shift with the kiddos. I completely conquered the evening routine of homework, bath, dinner and reading and got them into bed on time. I was exhausted and as I crawled into bed I wished upon a star for a nice glass of red wine to calm my nerves and excitement from the day. I had no wine. Nothing. So instead I wrote a bunch of quotes about wine and the next day, I painted an image of a glass of wine. After all my work was completed and the family is settled, I poured a glass and…..relaxed.

Here are some of the quotes I made. More can be found on my Pinterest board at All Tings Wine . Enjoy! Have a goodnight! BTW been thinking to host a sip and paint class, I’ll sit in a class before teaching one. Anyone have any experience with teaching the drink wine and paint class? Let me know in the comments.

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I’m Kymberli. Anything that inspires me, I write about it. I am a wife and mother of two who enjoys learning, writing, art and history. This hobby of mine has grown into something much more and I am enjoying the journey.

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