Sharing Your Artwork Online

I don’t know about you but sharing my artwork online has been an emotional rollercoaster ride. Before I started this journey (years ago) I remember researching the pain points of being an artist and sharing work online. There was the copyright issue, online sales tracking, marketing, engaging followers…and one thing that has become a a huge task to me is the social media marketing.

It takes up quite a bit of time, if you allow it too. And I’m guilty of this. I start-off replying to someone’s comment, viewing their artwork and seeing how amazing it is, something else catches my eye….sometime later… I’m watching funny videos. Valuable time has gone by that I could have allocated to painting. I’m not alone in this, one of my followers agreed with me.

My dad/advisor said it’s simple….get off your phone! Lol

Do you have this issue? Let me know in the comments. And also let me know any tips I could share.

Here what I did finish this morning.

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Thanks and have a wonderful day!

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