Artist: Harmonia Rosales

I first saw Harmonia Rosales art work online, in fact it was an Instagram post of The Harvest.

The Harvest, Harmonia Rosales, 2018 Oil on Linen 46 × 27 in 116.8 × 68.6 cm

At the time I didn’t know who the artist was but my first thought was….now this makes sense. It was that moment of wow! This is an art piece I would love to see up close. The deep rich colors and the composition of it all. I’m so curious as to how the artist created the skin and the lighting so…. beautiful. I’m capitvated by the woman figure, it’s like I recognize her. The children are goregously blended with different hues…blues, yellows and reds. This is an art piece I could stare at for hours.

Harmonia Rosales first solo show was Black Imaginary to Counter Hegemony (B.I.T.C.H.), at Los Angeles’ Simard Bilodeau Contemporary in September 2017.

“I wanted to take a significant painting, a widely recognised painting that subconsciously or consciously conditions us to see white male figures as powerful and authoritative and flip the script, establish a counter-narrative.” – Harmonia Rosales

You can view more of her works at her website.

Follow her Instagram here.

Image found online here:

The information on this web-page is for educational and research purposes. Please review sources and links above for more information. This blog post is for educational purposes only and for sharing valuable information to others interested in the arts. Image not my own.

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