Canvas Art Prints “Queen Bee” 🐝

I found a coupon for a canvas print at my local print shop and used it for a painting I have in storage. The print came out really nice.

The original work is like…1 foot by 4 feet. (I’m guessing.) Basically it’s much larger than the print. If you are going to make prints of your artwork, and you don’t have much control in the actual printing process (inexpensive printer), I recommend printing a size or so down. It keeps all the pixels yummy and looking good.

The canvas print below is titled “Queen Bee” and the original is acrylic. I should have this in my shop, AATL, by the time you read this.

If you haven’t tried printing your artwork on canvas I highly recommend it. Your customers will appreciate it and you can keep your art.

Sources: Art & All Tings Love

“Queen Bee” 2017 Acrylic on stretched canvas

Artwork by Kymberli Grant

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