Book: Augusta Savage Renaissance Woman

I found this book at my local library and I am very pleased with it. To start off it delivers so much information about artist, Augusta Savage. I really didn’t know where to begin because I was really excited to read about her life story and there is a lot of information to digest. In this book you will read about her personal life, artworks and achievements during and after the Harlem Renaissance and much more.

I initially was attracted to her story because of the fact she didn’t let her personal life overshadow her career. As a working woman with children it can be difficult to find that balance. Especially, as a working African American woman in the arts during a very difficult time period. She paved the way for artists of color, women and inspired many sculptors, painters and more. Augusta Savage was an artist, educator and activist, a true Renaissance woman.


Check out the book at your local library or you can purchase it at a book store. Information below.

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Augusta Savage: Renaissance Woman


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