Time to Rest, Paint Brushes Down

The past day or so I’ve been in an odd space, meaning that the excitement and energy I had for the past few weeks, is not as abundant as I would like it to be.

I’ve overworked myself avoiding my “me time” and eating healthy foods…I haven’t ate a proper meal 3 times a day or even once a day. When I’ve got the energy I work and either I’m not hungry or I forget to eat. After two weeks, it hits me and nowI’m must to rest before illness comes knocking at my door.

It’s so hard for me to just stop and rest. Even now I’m writing this blog, but you know what I mean, right? At least I hope so.

I kept wondering why I was feeling off and why it was taking me a little longer than usual to finish a painting. Now that I’m laying in bed listening to rain sounds and staring out my window I realize that rest is what I need.

View from my window.

I did manage to crank out a few paintings which I’m happy and thankful to have completed. I even added the final touches to the cactus painting from this video. It’s now in my room, exactly where is should be. I’ve been expecting it to be there for some time now and it’s amazing that it has finally arrived.

Cactus Painting from Art & All Tings Love

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful night.

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