Poetic Justice Alim Smith – Yesterday Nite

When they say “That’s DOPE!” I still wouldn’t think it’s enough to really appreciate this artwork. I found this image online when I googled “black art” and scrolled through a few pages of images which is typically how I do. You know.

This art piece is about a love story that seem too perfect to be true. Just so you know I’m speaking for myself. If you agree let me know in the comments.

I enjoyed this story so much that during college I almost got a tattoo of “poetic justice” in Arabic on my lower back. You know the kind and please don’t ask me why? Why not? And Arabic? It was a phase and the written language so lovely. And I still don’t have any tattoos but that’s not what this is about!

Can we just take a moment and inhale then exhale for the beauty of this work?

Thank you Alim Smith – Yesterday Nite

If your social, see more art at the Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/yesterdaynite/

And Yes! It’s a screenshot. I was in a hurry to share.

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