Lipstick Speed Painting

In the past few months I’ve attempted (and attempted) to film myself painting to advertise my art classes and to add content to build my online presence….but the footage just wouldn’t come out to my liking. Filming is definitely not as easy as some YouTube Artist makes it look. After searching for the right lighting, camera position and even worrying about how I look on camera….I finally had enough. Like I didn’t mentioned before, I had previously made many time lapse videos and I didn’t really feel like the videos were good enough. Then, just recently I had a profound thought, why not just do what I love to do….PAINT and quit worrying about all the other stuff.

I was searching for a perfection in film that I know nothing about and probably doesn’t exist. Besides I’m a painter, I like to paint, teach and share with folks like you. So whatever you are interested in….just go for it!

Hope you enjoy the video!

Speed Painting and Art Videos

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